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As we all know, We often need to share some files including such as documents,video,photoes to others.

But unfortunately, the file sharing system of Microsoft Windows is too hard to use. Most people give up after a series of attempts. They turn to copy the necessary folders to U-Disk, and insert U-Disk into the target computer, then copy the folders from U-Disk to target directory... The whole process is extremely slow, boring!

With our software,Easy Lan Folder Share, the folder's sharing cross the LAN become so easy! You just select the "Share Mode" to "Easy Share" only once, our software will save your setting until next change, you may need to restart your computer to take effect. the last thing you need to do is click "new share" button to share any folder as your like! Your visitors will be able to access your shared folder at once! All visits are under your surveillance, you can quickly stop any shared folder to prevent the unauthorized access.

Are you still worry about the question that two machines can't access a shared folder with each other? Frequently encounter following problems? such as "Access is denied", "xx computer is not accessible, you might not have permission to use this network resource", "The network path was not found", "the network name was not found"... Please try our software now!

We don't limit shared folder's count or file size, simple and fast, no need to create an new account, that is the biggest difference between our software and other's.

You need to log on the computer with the 'Administrator' user when running Windows Vista, otherwise some operations will be lack of permission!


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  • Very easy to share folder to others over the LAN.
  • The sharing process is over your Local network, no need to cross the internet, your data safety is ensured .
  • Your visitors don't need to setup additional software . All the things they need to do is find your computer from neighbor in the LAN network, then access the data they want.
  • All visitors are automatically authenticated as "Guest" account, no password needed.
  • Suitable for home network or small office network environment.
  • You can see which vistor is real-time accessing to your shared folders.
  • Stop any sharing with just one click.
  • You can see all the folders being shared at a glance.
  • Support Windows xp, 2003, Vista.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q: I encounter a message box said "No network provider accepted the given network path".
A: First you need to run "Setup a home or small office network" application in the "Control Panel/Network Connections", or run "Network Setup Wizard" application in the "Control Panel" once.


Q: All the folders I shared on my desktop PC still have this "You do not have permission to use this network resource" error message when accessed from my laptop.
A1: You may access the desktop pc by entering their IP in the address bar of a folder on your laptop. ie: \\ or whatever had been asigned by the router.
A2: Someone resolve the problem by adding "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatable Transport Protocol " to network properties list on each computer.


Q: I get the message: "failure to set data for retrictanonymous".
A: You may need to run our software with administrator role on Vista. find "EasyLanFolderShare.exe" on your harddisk, then right click on the file, on the popup menu, click "run as..." item, then choose "administrator" role. In this way, you can run our software on vista normally.


Q: Do I need to install it on every computers?
A: For example, you have 3 computers, A B C, You just need to install our software on the computer A that will share folder to others. Do not need to install it on every computers. You need to log on the computer A with the 'Administrator' user . then start our software. choose "Easy Share" mode. and click "Apply" button. then use our software to share any folder. Now you can use \\computer A" or \\IP A" or any method you used before on other computer B C to visit folders shared by computer A.

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PAD for affiliates:

Dear affiliates, updated PAD file (Portable Application Description) of this product is available, please feel free to download.



Version Apr 11,2009
  • Better compatibility in Windows Vista.
Version Mar 10,2009
  • Major Update.Automate more operation other than hand-operated before.
  • Add sub menu item:"faq".
Version Nov 22,2008
  • Add Function: Let Owner see which vistor is real-time accessing to shared folders..
  • Add some Super Link.
Version Oct 1,2008
  • First release.